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(Experimental Biological Chemistry Members 2012-2013)
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|[[User:Melissa_Novy|Melissa Novy]]
|[[User:Melissa_Novy|Melissa Novy]]
|[[User:Melissa_Novy/Notebook/CHEM-571|Melissa's Notebook]]
|[[User:Melissa_Novy/Notebook/CHEM-572|Melissa's Notebook]]

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Experimental Biological Chemistry Members 2012-2013

Name Lab Notebook Title
Matt Hartings Dr. Hartings' Notebook Faculty
Abigail Miller Dr. Miller's Notebook Faculty
Douglas Fox Dr. Fox's CHEM571 Notebook Faculty
Stefano Costanzi Dr. Costanzi's Notebook Faculty
Dhea Patel Dhea's Notebook Student
Melissa Novy Melissa's Notebook Student
Keyun Wang Kay's Notebook Student
Michael Nagle Michael's Notebook Student
Mary Mendoza Mary's Notebook Student
Catherine Koenigsknecht Catherine's Notebook Student