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On Tuesday, We did agarose gel electrophoresis for PCR samples to check for amplification 10:08, 23 October 2012. we did not get any amplification in DNA samples however, we got the positive control band. We made an interpretation from the gel that may be primers did not bind at their specific sites or may be there is some problem in DNA sample. Since we are running out of our DNA sample, we decided to do the DNA extraction.This time we will be comparing two different protocols on parallel. One that we used before i.e, DNA extraction for E.coli chromosome and other that group 25 used which is, Bacterial Genomic DNA extraction protocol.

On Wednesday, we did the culture to grow the E. coli. cells in four flasks and incubated in shaker for overnight.

On Thursday, since we did not have enough killing buffer we did the extraction with the genomic DNA extraction protocol only. We put rest of the three culture flasks at 4ºC.We will do agarose gel electrophoresis for these DNA samples in our next lab.