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Title here

This week on Tuesday we did agarose gel electrophoresis for PCR products. We have altogether 15 samples including 3 controls. Samples did not amplified and we did not see positive control band which means that we did some mistake during our sample and control preparation. So we decided to do PCR for the controls and 2DNA samples in the next lab. On Thursday, we prepared positive (plasmid + primers provided by the instructor) and negative control and 2 DNA sample with our extended primers. Later during the lab we noticed that we did not thaw plasmid DNA and primers completely before we use it. So, that might be the reason that we didn't had DNA in our positive control. We will take out the samples tomorrow (friday) morning from thermal cycler and will store at - 20ºC. We will do agarose gel electrophoresis for these samples in our next lab.