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Gosh darn biobricks....

On Tuesday we did a digestion of our Lux promoter and group 11's red fluorescent protein as a control to compare and see if the enzymes were functional and working correctly. We did a combination of XbaI+ SpeI, XbaI+PstI, and EcoRI + SpeI on each part. After running gel electrophoresis we found that the control worked correctly giving two bands and our lux promoter part did not give two bands that we could see. On Thursday, we re-did the digestion of the lux promoter and lux superpart with a higher concentration of gel to hopefully see the 55bp part. After the electrophoresis, the lux promoter did have two bands but still our lux superpart was not digested correctly giving only one band. We are going to email IGEM and ask for them to send us a better version of the lux superpart and wait to receive that part to continue.

10/12/10 File:!DIGESTI.tif

10/14/10 File:!GROUP123.tif