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tuesday: redigested and new gel elecrophloresis for our super parts. due to inconclusive results on the gel we ran last thursday. expected base pair lenght for (gene&Dt) superpart was around 810bp our observed results was only around 100-200bp. leading us to the conclusion that our ligations did not go correctly in previous lab due to low performance of Ecor1 leaving just the double terminator present which base pair length was 120bp. expected band around 95bp for (promoter&RBS) superpart but sense RBS is so small it is to small to distiguish between 95 & 82 base pairs on our gel. prepared liquid growth media for transforming bacteria

wednesday: picked 9 colonies off of plate form original transformation of the (gene&Dt) superpart. placed in prepared media and placed in shaker overnight at 37C.

thursday: plan on doing digestions using old and new EcoR1 to test its effectivness. but new enzyme will not be hear tell next week to test this. so we went ahead mini preping 9 new (gene&Dt) transformed bacteria that we did not try in our first initial digestion. plan to test EcoR1 next week with freash new enzyme compared to the old to determine the enzymes effectivness.