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Entry title

Monday: counted colonies from transformed bacteria plated last thursday. prepared media for onvernight growth, scraped of single colonies and placed into media. 10 tubes of superpart (promoter & rbs) 5 tubes- superpart (gene & double terminator). we took more of the first superpart due to concerns with ligation oriantation. Incubated at 37 degrees overnight to grow liquid cultures.

tuesday: plasmid mini prep to isolate plasmid from bacteria in preperation for digestion and Gel eletrophoresis.

Thursday: digsted superpart promoter & rbs with EcoR1, Spe1 Superpart2 gene & double terminator with xball, pst1. ran on gel to confirm proper oriantation and base pair length of ligated parts. took picture

next week plan to ligated the 2 confirmed superparts together. forming our completed part