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840.119: Introduction to Biotechnology


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Developing your project webpage at openwetware.org

  1. Generate your project start page by using the course template for 840.119 by adding the code {{Template:840.119}} to the first line of your page. If you don't want to use the course template, please provide a link back to the course homepage at the bottom of each page.
  2. Begin adding content by typing in a short project description. This is usually called an “Abstract”. Label this section with a header called “Abstract” or “Project description” (chose one).
  3. Generate the following additional section headers:
    • State of the Art
    • Objectives
    • Scientific approach
    • (Potential) Impact
    • Associated risks
    • Ethical issues
    • References
  4. Start developing your project by adding content to the sections.

A few remarks and hints:

  • Don’t wait! Start editing your pages soon and continue working at least every other day. This is important in order to develop and shape your project idea. Writing is the best way to get your thoughts straight and identify problems. If you read your previous writings and think about what you wrote, you will find out soon what makes sense and what not.
  • Start editing now without caring about grammar, wording, or the logic of your arguments. You can edit everything later, delete, modify, move or add content as you wish. Just get the facts in and build a good collection of references. Sort out the wheat from the chaff later.
  • Please be aware that your partner will probably also add the page. Currently I don’t know what happens if both of you want to edit the same page simultaneously – be aware of possible problems while attempting to do this.
  • Please follow the outline given above to build your project website. All the top level section headings listed under 2) and 3) should be included in your project. Please fill all sections with at least some content. If you find it necessary to divide any of these sections further, please do so. But please don’t add further top level headings.
  • You may use the course template. But you don’t have to. Anyway, don’t care to much about the design of your pages. It’s the content and the logic of your arguments that matter in the end!
  • Discuss any problems you have with your classmates and with me. Please also use WebCT for this. I set up a discussion topic for each project that you can use.