2020(S11) Lecture:week 3

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Week 3 Tuesday


Why are we doing this?

Week 3 Studio


Week 3 Thursday

Getting to 3 ideas

We will not meet as a class today but you are expected to spend the 1.5 hours that you might have enjoyed in 26-152 looking at the requirements for the upcoming 3-Ideas Presentations and planning a project for which you can articulate at least 3 of these 5 points:

  1. What: what problem or opportunity are you thinking of focusing on? How sweeping or focused is this idea?
  2. How: what approach could you take to make a dent in the problem?
  3. What if if your project is fully successful, how big a difference could it make? what concerns does it raise?
  4. What else are there other technologies that can be used/have been used to address this area?
  5. Dunno how big are the gaps in what you know? how much is completely unknown or unknowable?