2020(S11) Lecture:week 13

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If you're able, please consider participating in a short (20') interview this week with Rudy Mitchell in 5-122. The schedule and information is below.
20.020(S11) interview.png

Week 13 Tuesday

on your own

Today you can attend a lecture on Peer Review from 11-12:30 at the Broad Institute (flier is here), or you can plan to meet up and work with your group. The normal classroom will be closed, but other rooms could be arranged if you needed help with that.

Week 13 Studio

Project Workday

Your final presentations will be made one week from today!

Week 13 Thursday

Work day

Checklist (?):

  • Review requirements for presentation and final documentation that's due next week
  • Get any outstanding questions answered
  • Get plans in order for any weekend work that will need to be done.
  • Optional: draft final blog post and summary thoughts.