2020(S08) Lecture:week 8

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Week 8 Tuesday

Challenge: Flip Books

  • Warm up: flip book
  • Melbourne 2007 project timing diagram presentation
  • Team proposed to build a 3D cell mass made from bacteria that floated and expressed adhesion proteins when they detected both blue and red light. In other words: At precisely the intersection of an incoming red light beam and blue light beam, a solution of bacteria would clump and remain suspended in the liquid at the light's intersection.
  • Draw a flip book for this project or for your project

Before tomorrow's studio time

If there are outstanding issues related to the timing diagram for your project be sure everyone on your team knows how you'll solve the issue(s) and make a plan to come to studio tomorrow with materials for finishing the timing diagram.

Week 8 Studio

Part 1: Wrap-up Timing Diagram

Part 2: Generate Device and Parts list

For next time

Week 8 Thursday

Challenge: Time is $$

Mapping these ideas to your project