2020(S08) Lecture:week 1

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Week 1 Day 1

Challenge: Project Runway

Instructions: Today you will design, build (i.e. fold) and launch a paper airplane. Your goal is to make a plane that flies further than anyones. Working in teams of 3, choose one person to be the designer, one to be the builder, and one to be the launcher. You can talk to each other at all stages but be sure each person does the assigned job and that someone takes notes of your work together (decisions, uncertainties, disagreements, expertise etc). Your team may use the internet if you want. The designer has one dollar to spend and your team must keep track of costs. In the event of a tie, cost and aesthetics will serve as the tie breaker. Relevant materials cost:

  • paper is 30 cents a sheet
  • paper clips are 10 cents each
  • scotch tape is 5 cents per 1 inch strip
  • pennies cost 20 cents each
  • a pencil costs 10 cents
  • scissors are unavailable
  • a test flight before the competition costs 30 cents.

Your team has 20 minutes to design and build a plane for the competition. If you are not ready to launch at this time, you will forfeit.
Before you leave today: Spend 5 minutes to write in your response record (or laptop and print) any ideas you have about this challenge. How did your paper airplane perform? What did you think about your role on the team? What did you learn? Why do you think this challenge was assigned? What would you do differently next time?

For next time

  1. Write a letter, due tomorrow. Address this letter to someone you care about and describe a societal challenge or opportunity you have inherited that might be resolved by the year 2020. You can focus on one or more than one issue. Please print and bring your letter to the studio tomorrow. Time to complete this letter: 1 hour MAX.
  2. Register for an account on OpenWetWare by filling out the "join OWW" form. Once you get an account add the 20.20 home page to your "watch" list so you'll be notified by email when an announcement is made.

Week 1 Studio

Part 1: Wednesday matinee

Instructions: Today you will have the opportunity to watch two of four videos.

Week 1 Day 2

Challenge: Sexy on the inside 2

  1. watch this video of a person taking apart a MacBook Air
  2. take apart a tape recorder.
  3. watch this video in which Gever Tulley talks about learning by doing.

For next time

  1. Read Adventures in SB
  2. Complete survey.