20.20: Schedule

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Biological Engineering Design
Lecture Schedule
Tuesdays and Thursdays 12-1:30

Orientation Tue Feb 5 DE and NK
Application example 1 Thur Feb 7 modularity cell theory
Application example 2 Tue Feb 12 heredity viruses
Application example 3 Thur Feb 14 energy sunlight
President's Day Feb 18 No lecture Feb 19
Nature as engineer Thur Feb 21 history functions
Nature as engineer Tue Feb 26 compression/compaction
Nature as engineer Thur Feb 28 circadian rhythms/clocks
Nature as engineer Tue Mar 4 housing/communication/construction Note to Drew: SynBERC site visit?
Nature as engineer Thur Mar 6 flight
Guest Lecture Tue Mar 11 Jon Beckwith advance reading for class: Chapter 2 "Making Genes, Making Waves"
Report: Nature's successes/failures Thur Mar 13
Life by design Tue Mar 18
Life by design Thur Mar 20
Spring Break Mar 24-28 No class all week
Life by design Tue Apr 1
Life by design Thur Apr 3
Life by design Tue Apr 8
Report: Nature redesigned Thur Apr 10 Energy/Environment
Report: Nature redesigned Tues Apr 15 Manufacturing/Health
Report: Nature redesigned Thur Apr 17 Art/Society
Patriot's Day April 21-22 No lecture/studio Apr 22 or Apr 23
Culture 1 Thur Apr 24 poetry/fiction
Culture 2 Tue Apr 29 music/dance
Culture 3 Thur May 1 painting/sculpture
Design and Specify Tue May 6 Energy/Environment
Design and Specify Thur May 8 Manufacturing/Health
Design and Specify Tue May 13 Art/Society
Wrap-up Thur May 15 DE and NK
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