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Class policies

Students in 20.020 should:

  1. Do great things
  2. Do their best
  3. Come to class with an open mind and some energy to engage with the challenges
  4. Work collegially and constructively
  5. Tell people who need to know if there is a problem


All assignments should be dropped into the homework drop-box, found here

  • Personal Design Portfolio (individual grade, up to 25% of your final grade)
    • Each assignment is worth 10 points and is due before class on the day it's due.
    • There will be 0.5 points deducted for each 24 hour period that the assignment is late.
    • PDP_1: iGEM review questions, due 02.05.09
    • PDP_2: letter, due 02.05.09
    • PDP_3: script, due 02.10.09
    • PDP_4: teamwork and learning styles, due 02.18.09
    • PDP_5:
    • PDP_6: DIYbio reflections, due 02.25.09
  • Project Development Notebook (team grade, up to 10% of your final grade)
    • This assignment will include your team facebook page, your team contract, your Shapeways model, and your project notebook
    • The project notebook itself is due on the day of your Final Presentation
    • This assignment is worth 100 points
  • Instructor Leverage (individual grade, up to 5% of your final grade)