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'''Spring 2008''' 3-3-3<br>
'''Spring 2008''' 3-3-3<br>
'''Instructors:''' [[Drew Endy]], and [[Natalie Kuldell]]<br>
'''Instructors:''' [[Drew Endy]]  and [[Natalie Kuldell]]<br>
*'''Lecture:'''  T/R 12-1:30 (26-152)
*'''Lecture:'''  T/R 12-1:30 (26-152)
*'''Studio:'''  W 2-5 (26-152)
*'''Studio:'''  W 2-5 (26-152)

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Spring 2008 3-3-3
Instructors: Drew Endy and Natalie Kuldell

  • Lecture: T/R 12-1:30 (26-152)
  • Studio: W 2-5 (26-152)

Welcome to 20.020! A project-based introduction to the engineering of synthetic biological systems. In this subject, you will have an opportunity to develop projects that are responsive to real-world problems, using solutions that depend on biological technologies. Through interactive lectures and studio time, you will be introduced to

  • (1) components and control of cellular behavior, in particular energy, modularity and heredity through time and space
  • (2) DNA synthesis, standards, and abstraction in biological engineering
  • (3) issues of human practice, including (a) biological safety, (b)security, (c) ownership, sharing, & innovation, and (d) ethics
    We hope this subject will provide an engaging introduction for would-be biological engineers as well as a foundational framework for anyone interested in the responsible and reliable programming of genetic material.


  • You can find old announcements here