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20.181 Biological Engineering Computation


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Fall 2006

Instructors: Eric Alm, Drew Endy (ejalm; endy & mit # edu)

TAs: Lawrence David and Sonia Timberlake (ldavid; soniat)

Lecture: M/W 10-11a (36-153)

TA Office Hours: T:7PM-8PM; F:10AM-11AM (48-216)

Welcome to 20.181, MIT Biological Engineering's computation course!


  • HW5 codebase updated! Make sure to hit "refresh" on your browser if you've downloaded it before! -Sonia 20:02, 5 October 2006 (EDT)
  • Office Hours as usual, Friday 10am in 48-216. Probably Q&A format.
  • A record of emails sent out to the class will be available on the wiki here.

(Zif28-GCN4 image adapted from Wolfe et al.)