20.109(S13): TA notes for module 1

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20.109(S13): Laboratory Fundamentals of Biological Engineering

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General notes

See also GoogleDoc for aliquoting amounts.


Key preparation:


Day 1

Materials required:

Day of Lab (R/F):

After Lab:

How it went: Pre-lab ran longer than it should have, leaving students with just over two hours to complete their designs -- not enough time for most.

Day 2

Materials required:

  • Bird samples! At 100 μL each in a 2 mL tube
    • Use filter pipet tip to transfer -- consult Agi about which samples to prepare
  • Aliquots of components from QiaAMP stool kit (see GoogleDoc)
    • Do NOT put out ethanol until after everyone is at the incubation step; we don't want them to accidentally add it too early
    • Some aliquots may be approximate (use your judgment). For example, it will be easier to pipet approximately 0.5 mL into each tube using a serological pipet than to pipet exactly 0.46 mL eight times per day, times several reagents!
  • InhibiTEX tablets should be singly available -- pre-cut around them; otherwise it is too easy to push out two instead of one

Day of Lab (R/F):

  • Check ASL and AL for precipitates; pre-heat at about 40-50 °C in the water bath at the TA bench
  • Set up the heat block at the front bench. Fill tube slots with water and set at 70 °C
  • Either set up second heat block at 56 °C or turn on the small oven (may be easiest)

After Lab:

  • Store extraction samples at -20 °C until next time
How it went: