20.109(S13):Module 1

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20.109(S13): Laboratory Fundamentals of Biological Engineering

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Module 1

Instructors: Shannon Hughes-Alford, Jonathan Runstadler, and Agi Stachowiak


We thank Runstadler lab for access to bird samples (pre-screened for flu and everything!), and especially Wendy Puryear for helpful technical discussions as this module was developed.

S13 notes: Brand-new module! No precedent. Sometime before February it will all be laid out in writing. For now, I'll sketch out a few highlights.

Module 1 Day 1: X
Module 1 Day 2: X
Module 1 Day 3: X

Note: 1 week between day 3 and day 4.

Module 1 Day 4: X
Module 1 Day 5: X
Module 1 Day 6: X
Module 1 Day 7: X
Module 1 Day 8: Journal club

Laboratory Report
Primer design summary

TA notes, mod 1