20.109(S07): old announcements

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from Mod1

  • Don't forget the first draft of your first writing assignment is due March 1 or 2. Please email to NK, DE, and HB before coming to lab that day.
  • Note: I've added a few direct links from the Mod1 homepage to help retrieve the M13 refactoring work---
    Nkuldell 11:47, 23 February 2007 (EST)
  • the images of the gels from Mod1 Day2 have now been posted to the talk page associated with the Mod1 Day 2 lab: nice looking gels
  • if you start a new wiki page for the M13 redesign work, be sure to name it according to established page naming rules, namely "your user name: M13 foo" to distinguish it from everyone else's M13-related pages. Thanks!