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(A sketch)
(A sketch)
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==A sketch==
==A sketch==

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  • Stanley Gill
  • Amy Liu
  • T/R 20.109 Lab
  • Team Yellow

Title of Proposed Project

Viral mitigation of insulin resistance

Project Summary

One of the hallmark characteristics of obesity and Type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance. Resistin, a peptide produced by endocrine adipocytes in mice, has been implicated in increasing the likelihood of insulin resistance and is present in high levels in the blood of obese patients. Here, we explore that the introduction of a regulated synthetic system that produces antibodies against resistin may stave off insulin resistance, alleviating and preventing the development of Type 2 diabetes.



  • What is known about this field
  • Why is this field important

Your idea

Make clear what you see is the structural hole/gap in understanding or the need, and how you propose to fill in or satisfy what you've identified. You should specify your general approach (e.g. "will screen for mutants that enhance the contrast of the bacterial photography system") but do not need to think through the precise experimental details yet. Emphasize instead what results hope to collect and how they might improve the shortcomings that you've identified as interesting.

A sketch

Preproposal Diagram.jpg