20.109(F12): Fall 2012 schedule

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20.109(F12): Laboratory Fundamentals of Biological Engineering

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Thur Sept 6 NK and BE Orientation Orientation handout NK
Orientation handout BE
ANS lab notes
1 1 Tues Sept 11 NK JK DNA engineering using PCR
1 2 Thur Sept 13 BE JK Clean and cut DNA
1 3 Tues Sept 18 BE JK Agarose gel electrophoresis Writing Faculty visit lab ~3PM for intro to figures and legends
Yellow sheets from your lab notebooks will be turned in for feedback after your M1D3 day in lab.
MIT Break Friday Sept 21 No lab or lecture Thursday or Friday
1 4 Tues Sept 25 BE JK DNA ligation and bacterial transformation Martha from EHS will visit lab ~3PM for intro to TC safety
1 5 Thur Sept 27 BE JK Examine candidate clones and tissue culture Diagnostic gel will be posted for your analysis
1 6 Tues Oct 2 BE JK Lipofection & lab certification If you've chosen the oral communication concentration for this module, your virtual lab is due 10.2.12! Oral defense for Jenny during your lab period.
1 7 Thurs Oct 4 BE JK FACS analysis
Columbus Day Break Monday, Tues Oct 8, 9 No lab Tues or Wed, but your powerpoint summary or FACS data analysis slides is due by 11AM 10.11.12
2 1 Thurs Oct 11 NK EM Testing an engineered biological system You must choose a Journal Club article to work on during this module. Please sign up for your article on the wiki before your M2D2 lab.
2 2 Tues Oct 16 NK EM Measuring System Performance Atissa will visit lab @4PM to offer tips for giving journal club talks
Everyone's Journal Club slides are due before your M2D3 lab.
2 3 Thurs Oct 18 NK EM Tools for System Engineering Yellow sheets from your lab notebooks will be turned in for feedback after your M2D3 day in lab.
2 4 Tues Oct 23 Journal Club EM Journal Club I
2 5 Thurs Oct 25 NK EM Assessing re-tuned system Writing faculty visit lab ~4PM for IMRD training
reference info
2 6 Tues Oct 30 NK EM Readout: DNA
2 7 Thurs Nov 1 NK EM Readout: Protein
2 8 Tues Nov 6 Journal Club EM Journal Club II
Veteran's Day Break Monday Nov 12 No lab Thurs or Fri, but your Mod 2 research article or the results and discussion is due by 11:12AM on 11.12.12
3 1 Tues Nov 13 AB JO Growth of phage materials
3 2 Thurs Nov 15 AB JO Phage nanowires
Thanksgiving Break Nov 22, 23 Lecture: yes, on Tuesday Nov 20th
Lab: none all week!
3 3 Tues Nov 27 AB JO TEM Pre-proposal should be printed and brought to next lecture (11.29.12)
3 4 Thurs Nov 29 AB JO Solar cell assembly Atissa will visit lab @4PM to offer tips for giving talks with a partner
Yellow sheets from your lab notebooks will be turned in for feedback after your M3D4 day in lab.
3 5 Tues Dec 4 AB JO Solar cell testing
3 6 Thurs Dec 6 AB JO Research proposal presentations We'll start this day in lab, 56-322, to finish off the BioMaterials module
Tues Dec 11 end of term celebration... Lecture for class evaluations then lunch from 11:30-1 PM, 16-220, no lab