20.109(F10): old announcements

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Module 1

  • Module 1 Progress Reports will be returned today (10/14) via Stellar. They were very good for a first try at this sort of work. Please look for comments from the writing faculty as well as edits on your reports and a grade sheet from NK. The average was an 81 and the range was 71-89. If you have questions there will be time in lab on Thursday to ask them.
  • Office hours in advance of the progress report's due date. 10.01.10 in the lab from 2-4:30. Drop by with questions if you have them!
  • The unedited images of your recovery gel are now posted on the same page. You may use these for your progress report!
  • The recovery gels are now posted with annotations of group names.Here's the link to the page if you can't find them: Recovery Gels from M1D3