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Project Summary

  • All in all, we didn't succesfully complete any task that we started. We got a lot of experience with making plates and gels, running gels and doing transformations. We did a decent amount of PCR and ligations. We learned how to extract DNA from plants as well as our own cheek cells. We did a fair amount of plasmid extractions from bacteria.
  • Our original project failed because we could not succesfully extract a part from the registry, though not from lack of trying. We needed a certain type of part to be able to put our promoter in and check if it worked. There is a limited amount of these kinds of parts in the library, and we ran out of them before we had succesfully obtained one.
  • Next we tried to continue an experiment from a previous semester. We extracted plant DNA from an Orchid plant, and attempted to amplify the gene of interest using the previous groups primers. We are still unsure as to why our multiple attempts at this PCR failed, but in the end we had to abandon this project as well.
  • We decided to learn about cloning genes, and inserting them into another living thing. We used a kit to extract a gene from our cheek cells. Once obtained, we put this gene into a vector and tried to transform E. coli with it. Our first attempt at transforming failed, and we ran out of time to try again.