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Gel analysis, again

  • Our PCR was ran over the weekend for us by Professor Schwekendiek. We then set up a gel and ran the PCR products for analysis. We got the same results as the last PCR we analyzed. We need to figure out what's going on.
  • we're having Professor Schwekendiek check to make sure we're using the correct primers. The problem could be that we're not using the correct primers and they are amplifying themselves. The problem could be that our primers are contaminated. The problem could be that our DNA is degrading during PCR, or that our DNA sample isn't very good.
  • We will be making a dilution of our DNA sample to see if that will dilute out any of the impurities that might be in our DNA sample.
  • We will be checking to see if the PCR process is degrading our DNA by running a sample of DNA without any primers as another negative control. Also, we are going to run a sample of our DNA on the next gel to see if the DNA itself is the problem.