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A Long Day

  • Since the part was not transformed from last Thursday, we looked up some more parts to try to obtain as a replacement. [1][2] [3] all three of these new parts work just like the part that we had planned on useing before. However, they are all also only in the spring 2008 registry. So we picked out a few from the 2007 registry that we could use, however are just a little bit different in their function. [4] [5] [6]
  • Today we started with making new LB plates, but these have Kanamycin rather than Ampicillin, because one of our parts is on a plasmid that has Kanamycin resistance rather than Ampicillin resistance.
  • We extracted each of the six parts that we are atempting to extract in hopes to obtain one that we can use for our project. We extracted all of them today so that we don't waste more time trying to find a part we can use.
  • After the extraction of the DNA, we started the cell transformation for all of our DNA parts, as well as using our controls like we did last thursday. However, the transformation process was a little bit messed up this time. We accidentally added the SOB broth before the heat shock, when it's not supposed to be added untill after the heat shock. Also, the SOB broth is contaminated, and may mess with our results anyways.
  • Even knowing that our transformation has been messed up, and most likely will not turn out, we feel we must continue with it, and see if we get lucky. Since all of our parts are in this transformation, either we need to get lucky, or hope that we can extract a part from the 2008 registry and get it to work on Tuesday.
  • We will be in tomorrow morning to see if any of our parts worked, and if they did, to make the over night cultures for future use.