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Thursday 4/16

Josh, Casy, and Oggie

  • Plasmid DNA from the transformed cultures were extracted using the GeneJet Plasmid Mini-Prep Kit.
  • Stored twelve samples of eluted plasmid in the freezer.
  • A fraction of plasmid DNA from each sample was digested using XbaI and SpeI to run on a gel.
  • The gel indicated that the plasmid DNA was very concentrated. As a result, the digestion was not very sufficient. Two bold, bright bands were seen at around 2000 bp, the size of the linear plasmid.
  • Another, very faint band was observed that was slightly smaller than the 1500 bp ladder site. This is the size of the promoter-aprE fragment.
  • Two samples of the plasmid will be sent off for sequencing.

Derek and Katy

  • Setup our second PCR amplification of wintergreen x 10 for mass production.
  • We used the same procedure as the first one except we only used DNA number 7.
  • On Tuesday we will run a gel to see our results and determine whether we will continue with the wintergreen route.