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Tuesday 4/14

Josh, Casy, and Oggie

  • The ligation products were used to transform competent cells. The transformation was done with volumes of 2μL and 8μL of DNA from the ligation.
  • The transformed cells were spread plated onto LB+Amp plates, and incubated at 37°C.
  • On Wednesday, the transformed colonies will be inoculated into liquid cultures containing ampicillin, to be used in plasmid extraction on Thursday.
  • A 10% Arabinose solution was made and sterilized for future use in testing expression.

Derek and Katy

  • Aragose gel run on the PCR amplification of wintergreen x 10.
  • Unfortunately, there was no DNA present in the wintergreen gene.
  • On Thursday we will run another PCR identical to the last one and see if we get better results.