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Tuesday 3/31

Josh and Casy

  • New primers arrived which will reduce hairpin formation.
  • Diluted primers to 100μM and 10μM concentrations. Stored in the freezer.
  • Prepared PCR to amplify the aprE gene. The PCR was ran with 1.0μL and 0.1μL of DNA at temperatures from 45°C to 60°C. A positive and negative control were also prepared.
  • Thursday, a gel will be ran with the PCR product to determine if the aprE gene was amplified.

Derek and Katy

  • Ran a gel electrophorisis on our PCR amplification of wintergreen.
  • The DNA samples 7 and 8 showed up with several bands on them.
  • DNA sample 3 did not show up at all so we wont be using that one again.


  • Ran a gel of my nprE PCR amplification using 3 different forward primers
  • All results looked the same regardless of forward primer used
  • PCR failed so I setup several tests to determine the cause of failure