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Thursday 2/26


  • The QAIquick protocol was followed in order to extract the digested plasmid from the agarose gel.
  • A small amount from each sample (3μL) was run on a gel. It was determined that Sample 1 was purified, as only a single band at 2000bp was present. Sample 2 had a band at 2000bp, and a smaller band at 1500bp, which corresponded to the undigested plasmid.
  • The concentration of the samples are about 0.8ng/μL. Two 27μL samples are stored at -20°C.


  • Prepared agarose gel and loaded PCR products from Tuesday 2/24.
  • Analyzed gel and determined that our PCR was once again unsuccessful.

Derek and Katy

  • We extracted Bacillus Subtillis var. Niger and Globiformous DNA from the overnight cultures we made last Thursday.
  • We loaded the new DNA into an agarose gel. Our extraction yielded bright bands from each sample.