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Tuesday 2/24

Josh and Casy

  • Started the isolation of the digested plasmid from the undigested plasmid.
  • Ran 3 of 4 DNA samples on a gel, then excised our target band from the Agarose gel, and placed them in tubes and stored at -20°C until Thursday.
  • Thursday we will be using the QIAquick Gel Extraction Kit to isolate our digested plasmid.

Derek, Oggie, and Katy

  • We diluted our primers today since we accidentally left out our previous ones overnight. We started with 100 uM and by doing a 1:10 ratio we made them 10uM.
  • We also tried 5 different temperatures to find the optimum annealing temperature for our DNA, including a positive and negative control for our PCR. Our range of temperatures was from about 48 to 57 degrees.
  • On Thursday we will check the outcome using gel electrophoresis.