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Tuesday 2/17

Josh and Casy

  • The plasmid pSB1A2+R0080 samples were combined and digested with Pst1 and Spe1.
  • The samples were purified by running the DNA through a column.
  • Verification that the digestion was a success will be done on Thursday by running a gel.
  • The digested plasmid was stored in the -20°C freezer, and should be ready for the aprE ligation.

Oggie and Katy

  • Did research on possibility of genetic differences between globiformis & niger strains, and strain 168 (we used DNA from strain 168 as the template when developing our primers)
  • Did not find any results in regards to the two strains we are using
  • Found new DNA extraction protocol at Bio.net
  • Made TES buffer needed for new DNA extraction method