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Thursday 2/12

Josh and Casy

  • Came in early to start Agarose gel. Followed protocol discussed Tuesday.
  • Prepared the part pSB1A2 + BBa_R0080 as digested DNA and undigested DNA for running on the electrophoresis gel. Digested DNA with the enzymes Xba1 and Spe1.
  • Ran the gel for 30 minutes.
  • The gel showed that the digested samples formed two fragments, the smaller of which was about 200 base pairs. This confirmed that the desired part has been isolated.
  • Discussed preparing the plasmid for the incorporation of the aprE gene.

Oggie, Derek, and Katy

  • Oggie and Derek came in early to make Agarose gel.
  • We checked PCR product using gel electrophoresis.
  • Our + control worked but our DNA did not work.
  • On Tuesday we will be calibrating pipets and redoing our DNA extraction.