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April 16, 2009

  • We ran a gel to confirm PCR results. We lost our P2-R2 RT-PCR step sample somewhere in the freezer and we unable to find it so we only had P1-R2 RT-PCR sample. Our gel showed that there was something in all of the lanes but not of the desired length of 1600-1700 base pairs. It the sample P1-R2 RT-PCR step we could see one light band around 1000 base pairs and a darker band around 400 base pairs. In HOPS RT-PCR we can see a band between 200 and 400 base pairs. This tells us something is happening but we're not quite getting the desired results. Our positive control worked so we know PCR worked. For Tuesday we will attempt this again for the last time. We are changing the annealing time to 2 minutes and using two temperatures (46, 50 degrees Celsius). We will not be using our positive control.
  • We ran a gel to determine whether or not PCR worked properly. We did not get any results as we can not see anything in any of the lanes of the gel; however, our positive control did work.