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April 14, 2009

  • Today we did RT-PCR using our onion RNA that the other group extracted earlier. We're using our two initial forward primers without our extensions as our forward primers and our newly ordered reverse primer from the IDT website. We'll be using HOPS RNA has internal positive control for RT step in PCR and also using a pSBIA7 as our plasmid control. We're only using 50 degrees Celsius as our annealing temperature. On Thursday we will run a gel to confirm RT-PCR results.
  • Today we ran a gel for our fresh onion DNA that we extracted last week. Based on the results of the gel, we found that we did extract DNA. However, our picture has a skewed shape that could be due to the gel not being fully dissolved or due to the electric current not working properly.
  • We also started our PCR for the onion DNA samples. We used all new primers P1,P2,P3,R1. at three different temperatures of 46, 50, and 54 degrees Celsius.