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April 2, 2009

  • We ran a gel to confirm PCR results. However, our gel did not confirm any sort of results because we only have bands from the R2 primer (new reverse primer that we designed using IDT - refer to March 26, 2009). And the band that was in the gel was not the expected size but much smaller then expected. We were expecting around 2,000 basepairs and we only had maybe 200 bps. We also only saw these bands in the diluted concentration samples and not the normal concentrations. This leads us to believe that maybe our DNA is not purified enough. Our next step is the purify our DNA using PEG and then do PCR again. However we do not have much DNA left so we are having one half of the group extract DNA and the other half will run PCR for Tuesday. Since there is not much DNA left and are limited in what we can do with PCR we are going to run PCR again but only with the R2 primer samples.