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March 10, 2009

  • Today we performed electrophoresis to see the results of PCR that we have done in previous class (to check Mastermix), and we have got expected results as we have got bands for pSBIA3 near 362 bp and pSBIA7 near 667 bp which we were expecting. So this shows that our mastermix is working there might temperature(94 degree celcious for 13 hours) that has affected our positive controls which didnt worked on 3rd march 2009. So we can still work with this mastermix and perform PCR on next turn with our onion leaves DNA.
  • We cut and digested two of our original plasmids, pSB1A3 and R0080. Then we did the QIAquick purification of those plasmids and ran them on a gel to make sure that the digestion worked properly. We had to run two gels, as the first did not produce the expected results.