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The Sweet Smell of.....E.coli?

We obtained the reverse primer for part J45120 today from IDT. Jared and Matt worked on carrying out a pcr reaction of plasmids with part 120 which would be used for ligation with plasmid containing UV promoter which would be carried out hopefully by Thursday next week. Diveena, Surabhi and Aaron worked on conducting a restriction digestion of part 50001 with Spe 1 and Pst 1 to create sticky ends to ligate part 120. 3ul of digested product was set aside, and the remaining 17ul of digested product was purified using Qiagen pcr purification kit to remove the enzymes and the small pieces of DNA that was cut out. The products were stored at -20C. Electrophoresis would be done on the digested product, purified digested product and the pcr product on Tuesday. Corey worked on preparing LB plates for future use by both groups. In the event that the pcr product turns out as the expected range (about 1200bp, a restriction digestion would be done on the pcr product with Xbal and Pst1 followed by purification. Then both the parts would be ready to be ligated together to form the desired composite biobrick part. We handed in our lab notebooks today, hopefully the grades would look good on Tuesday.