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Going to do all it takes

Aaron and me consulted with Dr.Albert on a possible method of detecting the difference in the amount of wintergreen in the LB media with varying concentration of salicylic acid. Dr. Albert suggested a pH test with pH papers to determine the difference in pH as the net chemical reaction would require a release of a proton into the media. Matt, Aaron and me conducted the pH test on the cultures prepared on Tuesday with varying concentration of salicylic acid. The overall results of the pH test indicated that the medias are more basic as the concentration of the salicylic acid in the media increased.

Many things have not been going as intended and expected since the start of this project. On Tuesday, as a group we are planning on sitting down and discussing over the project and the future direction to make sure we are not missing any important details and also to ensure that everyone is on the same page on this project. There is not very much time left, therefore we need to accomplish as much as possible and as effectively as possible. We really hope to correct our mistakes and move along well in this project. It has been a learning experience.