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The Sweet Smell of.....E.coli?

In last experimnt when cultures where grown with salicylic acid, Diveena and Corey got good results at lower concentration of salicylic acid, So they used even lower concentration from .03% to 1% this time, however they used constant concentration of tetracycline which is 12μg/μl. The plates will be incubated at 37 C. and will be checked tommorow by diveena and corey to know that which concentration smells more like wintergreen.

Since Jared and Diveena found that VF2 and VR primer are very important for biobrick amplification and also we didn't got any confirmative result from M13 primer for part BBa_5001, Aaron, Jared and surabhi performed PCR with VF2 and VR primers for 5001.

Updated by Surabhi Gupta