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The Sweet Smell of.....E.coli?

Thursday the 23rd we ran a PCR to amplify part numbers 119, 120, 5001 from the Igem registry. Following the PCR we ran a gel and analyzed. Also, Diveena and Corey attempted to express wintergreen smell from the precursor salicylic acid. They plated different concentrations of the precursor on a constant concentration of tetracycline, the promoter of our wintergreen gene. These results were obtained the next day. Diveena and Jared searched the igem website for more insite into the gel results. They found that the M13 primer is not the best primer for amplification on biobrick parts. The website shows a common primer location that is specific for all biobrick parts. They ordered this primer. This may explain the ambiguity we found in our results. Our 5001 PCR product showed a faint line at about 200bp that was unexplainable in its faintness and size. The UV vector has a M13 primer sites, but the exact location could not be found so the expected amplified bp length could not be found. The primers being sent to us have exact expected part bp sizes. So, hopefully this PCR amplification will not yield any ambiguity that the M13 did.