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The Sweet Smell of.....E.coli?

WE FINALLY GOT E. coli GROWTH!!! We got glycerol stocks from iGEM that contain our parts and we plated them on Tuesday and then transferred some colonies to liquid media. From the liquid media Aaron and Jared then proceeded to perform a plasmid extraction. I had to leave at 5 and the gel had not been run to determine if the plasmid extraction was successful. While Aaron and Jared were working on extraction plasmid; Diveena, Surabhi and Matt made glycerol stocks for our parts. During all of this I made an agarose gel and then made some LB media. We will need the media in the future for growing E. coli.

It is really exciting to say that on Tuesday we will actually be attempting something new again. Tuesday we will do a plasmid digest to verify if we got the right parts from iGEM. Should be exciting