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The Sweet Smell of.....E.coli?

Corey and Aaron prepared SOB and Aaron created SOC for when we transform our E. coli cells. Corey discovered a problem with the E. coli that he was making competent for today and had to begin the process again. Matt attempted to contact two people from whom we may be able to acquire EnvZ deficient E. coli. Matt and Jared found the locations of all our parts in the iGEM spring 2008 catalog and the antibiotic resistances of the plasmids that contain each part. We decided to switch to wintergreen smell because that part was available and we will attempt to cleave the TetR promoter that it comes with and replace it with either the OmpF promoter for the light sensitive pathway if we can acquire the appropriate E. coli or the UV induced promoter that we found yesterday. Jared diluted ampicillin and he and Surabi spread that onto 30 plates. Aaron and Surabi labeled all the plates, 6 for each part that we are going to get out of the catalog. Diveena, Surabi, and Jared finished up the protocol for preparing competent E. coli after 5 because Corey had to leave for work. Matt is going to try again on Friday, 9/19, to get ahold of the two people about the E. coli strain we need for the light sensitive pathway.

On Tuesday we want to extract the 5 parts and devices that we need from the iGEM catalog and insert them into the competent E. coli that were produced on Thursday, 9/18. We plan on having five people each extract one part so that each person is only responsible for one part. For this procedure we will need TE that the other group has prepared and SOC that our group has prepared.

Aaron Miller