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"Project decision and awaiting approval"

We have settled on the project that we are going to do. We are going to transform E.coli with a vanilla production pathway and then make the production of vanilla sensitive to light. We have sent off a semi-formal proposal to Axel to get approval. We are slightly concerned that the project might be to easy but we see the process of transforming E. coli we will learn many beneficial techniques. Upon hearing from Axel we will then start writing a formal proposal. Updated by Corey Hartbecke on 9/2/2008

Thanks for the info. I am glad you wrote a journal entry for Tuesday, which is good. However, what I received from you by Email is not more than a proposal idea. From what you wrote I cannot guess what your system would do or how it works. You did not list any parts you want to use or build. The rough sketch contains much too little information to qualify for even a draft proposal. Work on it and make it much (much) more specific !!! Thanks, Axel.