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On 30/12/2011 we did inoculation of promotor parts(BBa_K235219a,BBa_K235219b,BBa_K235229a,BBa_K235229b,BBa_K235239a,BBa_K235239b,BBa_K235249a,BBa_K235249b,BBa_K235209a,BBa_K235209b) in LB chloramphenicol tubes and kept it for incubation overnight at 37 degree Celsius in incubator shaker.Today(1/12/2011) we took 50 micro litre of each of the promotor parts in 10 different Eppendorf tube and lysed them by alternative freezing(by keeping them at -80 freezer) and thawing(37 degree celsius incubator).After repeating this process 3 times we added 50 micro litre of D-Luciferin to each tube and we took them to dark room to check the luminescence property of our promotor parts.While waiting for freezing and thawing process we prepared the glycerol stock of the promotor parts we used and kept it in -80 freezer for further use.