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We had kept the culture of Acinetobacter calcoaceticus for re-hydration in incubator at 37 degree Celsius.We took it out after 7 days and plated the sample with different concentration in BHI plates we had prepared before,after the sample are dried then we kept the plates in incubator at 37 degree Celsius .Then we did Restriction Enzyme(RE) Digestion(BBa-118011 DNA-2 and PSB1a7#3) preparing 4 different combination of restriction enzyme(i.e ES,EP,XS,XP).Master mix of 4 different combination of RE is prepared in 4 tubes.Then we took 8 tubes and prepared the sample adding different concentration of sample and master mix to it.Then all the 8 samples were incubated in water bath at 37 degree Celsius for 30 mins.Then we added loading dye to all the samples and in mean time we prepared Agarose gel and then loaded all those 8 sample in the well.In the first well we loaded the ladder.Then we ran the Electrophoresis for 25 mins at 150 v.After that we saw our results.We did saw some bands of our sample.