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  • Tuesday we ran an electrophorysis gel and it was either not completely soldified or the agar was not completely dissovled before pouring because our gel was shriveled and could not be analyzed.

  • Thursday we repeated the gel. We put in 12 μL of DNA in our mixtures for our ligated part. So we could get a more vivid representation of our DNA fragments. We cut our our ligated part with Ecori and Spel. We think that cultures 11-13 might have worked but the rest of the cultures did not appear to be cut by one of the enzymes. One of the other groups were having problems as well that is why we are thinking this is the problem rather then simply the Fragment was not taken up.
  • We also are running a gel for part BBa_J23102. We potentially want to use this as a plasmid for our ligated part. We are checking to make sure that the plasmid part can be cut out out of the vector backbone. This part also did not appear to be cut.

November 9th

File:Ugly 11 9 10.jpg

  • This is gel that has our ligated part which are the top row and the BBa_J23102 is on the bottom row (or second row) This gel had something go wrong so we had to rerun it.

November 11th

File:Ligated cultures 11 11 10.jpg

  • This is our ligated part again. From left to right the only wells that looked promising were 4,11,12,and 13. We used a low range ladder on both sides and then a 100bp ladder on the far right side.

File:Plasmid remover promotor 11 11 .jpg

  • This gel is just of BBa_J23102. We cut this part with the wrong enzymes (ecori and xbal) so nothing was released. We should have cut it with just the spel enzyme.