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Team Members

  • Kyle Albert
  • Josh Mixdorf

Detecting Estrogen in Water

  • We will bind ER and ERE together (BBa_K123003 and BBa_K123002)
  • We also will bind BBa_E0240, and BBa_E0840 to ER and ERE.
  • We obtained an oligos sequence for our BBa_K123002 part that had the appropriate ends already on it.


  • Once we have assembled our BioBrick parts together we will test them in diffrent concentrations of estrogen on agar plates.
  • Once we have found the concentration gradient we will test it in water with the concentration needed.
  • We to be effective we will place a large excess of our cells in the water since they will glow till the estrogen can bind and shut it off, so to detect it it will be red surrounding a clear area.


  • High levels of unmonitored estrogen in waste water treatment plants is being released into natural water sources and causing major problems to both the indigenous wild life and human population.

Important Results and Milestones

  • We have found all the parts we need on BioBricks (BBa_K123003, BBa_K123002, BBa_E0240, and BBa_E0840)
  • We found all the parts in the 2010 Biobricks kit and then resuspended the DNA
  • We have had to use some different parts, we are now using ( in order of placement) BBa_J23119, BBa_K123003, BBa_J23119, BBa_K123002 (oligos sequence), BBa_J23100

Introduction PowerPoint for the Project

Final Presentation


  • Nardulli, A. M., D. Lew, L. Erijman, and D.J. Sharpiro. "Purified Estrogen Receptor DNA Binding Domain Expressed in Escherichia Coli Activates Transcription of an Estrogen-responsive Promoter in Cultured Cells. — JBC." The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 15 Dec. 1991. Web. 28 Oct. 2010. <http://www.jbc.org/content/266/35/24070.short>.
  • http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
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