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A Flower of A Different Color

We, vector group (Angie and Diwash) autoclaved the LB broth and then inoculated the overnight cultures of the pSB1A3 and pSB1A7 samples from MIT into four tubes containing the 5 millilitre LB broth. We transferred 75 microliter of plasmid DNA from the stock and 5 microlitre of ampicillin into the tubes. We added ampicillin because the bacteria containing the plasmids are ampicillin resistance. Dr. Axel will isolate the plasmid DNA tomorrow (31st october, 2008) using a different procedure (Gene jet miniprep from Fermentas company) than we have been using so far, in order to see if the isolation procedure we have been using is flawed.

Sushma and Binu performed the transformation on the plasmids explained in [1] following the protocol given in [2].They then incubated the transformed culture at 37 degree overnight.

Melissa, Rajiv and Tiffany sterilized all equipment for RNA extraction in autoclave. Completed DNA extraction protocol for orchid leaf DNA and completed electrophoresis on product. DNA that was extracted from the leaf amplified and PCR on the product will be preformed next lab session.