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A Flower of A Different Color Sushma and Binu worked on Promoter and got the literature on BBa_R0040 TetR repressible Promoter which is constitutively ON and repressed by TetR.We extracted the promoter from iGEM 2007 and Spring 2008 into TE Buffer 10X and incubated them at 37 degree. Angie and Diwash extracted the plasmids pSB1A3,pSB1A7, & pbluescript from the overnight cultures of glycerol stocks of e. coli containing these plasmids that me and Binu cultured yesterday. We have not obtained a very good picture of the bands of plasmid DNA so far, so we are repeating the extraction, restriction digestion, and electrophoresis of these plasmids in order to obtain better results. Axel is also repeating this procedure with our samples in order to see if we may be making pipetting errors or errors when loading the gel with our samples. We finished the extraction procedure today and are going to perform the restriction digest and electrophoresis of our plasmid DNA on Thursday.

Melissa, Tiffany and Rajiv prepared the PCR product for Electrophoresis from the last experiment. The PCR results showed no amplification that occurred for the orchid DNA samples, the negative control showed no amplification and in the positive control amplification was seen . The results from the gel show that the samples tested had one of two possibilities occur it either did not have any DNA template in the sample or that it was prepared using the incorrect standards. We will prepare the DNA template for PCR during the next lab meeting.