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Ok..Here's the list that we made yesterday on who does wat.....

   * Obtaining gene sequence from petunia - All of us with Rajiv as our backup man
   * Biobrick - Blue gene - Tiffany, Melissa, Sushma, Rajiv, Binu
   * Biobrick - Vector - Angie, Diwash....you both will also be responsible for insertion of gene to vector...n saying...YAHOO!!!!!!!!
   * Angie is responsible for transformed E.coli culture
   * And Sushma for untransformed culture
   * In charge of vector stock - Diwash
   * In charge for all the supplies and materials - Binu
   * Future project - Gene sequence of grass n all that leads to blue, which includes finding out all the information - Basically, all of us...Particularly, all those who are free

We were given permission to use the orchids in the university greenhouse as long as we don't destroy them whole plant. Tiffany and Melissa will get cuttings on Tuesday.

Serching for introns in gene and gathering all protocols. Will start making buffers on Tuesday to get a good supply going.

The vector we will be using is the BioBrick part pSB1AC3 and the primers we can use for it are Part BBa_G00100 and BBa_G00101