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Journal 9-9-08

Today we gave a short presentation over what we plan to do as a group for our project and discussed any problems or questions the other group or teacher had. We decided we needed to change some things because there were a few problems in our plans. For example, the plant tissue culture we had as a protocol is too time consuming to perform, also since E. coli and plants are two very different things, we needed to find out if the p450 gene is present in E. coli. We altered our proposal and decided to focus on making a Biobrick compatible part for the p450 gene. We found a Flavanones Pathway we can use to produce a flavonoid by feeding successful colonies with Naringenin. Once this flavonoid is made we can use it to produce a Biobrick for the "blue" gene. Then we will insert the "blue" Biobrick in E. coli(K12) and screen for insertion of the gene with kanamycin. Then, if we have time, we will insert the gene in a plant through either the Gene gun method or swab method and watch for the color change. We also started our powerpoint presentation for Thursday and assigned a part of the presentation to each member of our group.